Cold Ember (cold_ember_32) wrote,
Cold Ember

Friends Only

This is the official notice that this journal is now (mostly) friends only.  All writing and artwork posts will still remain public (as well as some other random posts), but for the most part entries will be friends only.

Just comment to be added, I promise that I don't bite (nor do I require an FBI background check for friend acceptance), but please just say briefly why you're friending me or something that actually makes sense because I've gotten a few responses that I really can't make heads nor tails of and, um, yea.  Not going to allow people access to my journal based on jibberish.  I made it private for a reason.  Sorry.  Also, I'm not going to be friends any blank journals (you don't have to post often, but there has to be *something* there that tells me you're an actual person and not just a bot/troll/whatever).

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